Accessory Care

Mr Monty & Me - The Label

Every product has been lovingly crafted with care and with the most beautiful materials, so caring for your accessories is important to keep them looking and feeling gorgeous. 

Please hand wash your accessories in warm water and hang to dry in the shade. Do not tumble dry, soak, bleach or wring. Spot cleaning with a damp cloth is also recommended. If needed, ironing on a low temperature is ideal.

Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver

Our specialty metal. A beautiful and solid precious metal that lasts a lifetime. It oxidises when in contact with sulphur particles in the air and water. Wearing it often will help prevent tarnishing!

Care Tips
Tarnishing is completely natural. Be sure to have a silver polishing cloth handy so you can easily restore its shine. When not in use, be sure to store it in a dark, cool place in an airtight packet.

Gold Plated

Dipped and coated in real 14 or 18 karat gold. With high quality sterling silver or jeweler's brass as its bass, this is a beautiful and affordable option without breaking the bank. Rose Gold has a mixture of real gold and copper alloy to create it's blushing pink colour.

Care Tips
If your gold jewellery is made with sterling silver, it will tarnish with time. This can be easily fixed with a silver polishing cloth. Store this in a soft, cool, dark place in an air-tight packet.

Gold Filled

Beauty, durability and affordability in one. Made with a thick layer of real 14k karat gold bonded with high heat and pressure over high quality jeweler's brass. Gold filled is much more durable than gold plated and definitely more affordable than real gold. Comes in real 14 karat Rose Gold too.

Care Tips
Contact with water is acceptable. No tarnishing will occur. Store in a cool, dry place out of any direct sunlight.

Surgical Steel

316L surgical steel is one of the approved grade of stainless steel to be used in healed piercings. Tarnish proof and durable so you can wear it everyday without worry! We carry gold and rose gold plated items in surgical steel.

Care Tips
Requires minimal care. No tarnishing will occur. Store in a soft, cool place out of any direct sunlight.

Solid Gold

We carry real 14 karat solid gold jewellery!

Care Tips
Durable, tarnish-free. Store in a soft, cool place out of direct sunlight.

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