Monty and the Poodles By Katie Harnett
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Monty and the Poodles By Katie Harnett


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Monty had never met a poodle before, and Ginger had never met a stray dog before... neither could have guessed what a great friendship theirs could be!

Monty is a scruffy, homeless pooch with a taste for fine art, and Ginger is a poodle who doesn't mind getting her paws a bit dirty. Monty and the poodles long to live together at the warm and cosy Poodle Mansions, but its strict poodles-only policy is rather inconvenient... and so these crafty canines decide to create their own home where all are welcome!

A charming, whimsical story that promotes empathy. Beautifully illustrated, it makes the important topic of inclusivity accessible and easy to understand for young readers.