Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag
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Soap Saver Bag


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An amazing zero waste product, now you can say goodbye to plastic pump soap dispenser and go back to soap bars. All of your little pieces that break are challenging to handle can go into the soap saver and clean you until they disappear!

A GREAT CLEAN - Loads of suds and a good scrub- need I say more.

EXFOLIATING - The natural fibres are wonderful for a soft exfoliation, removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood supply. Great for before shaving or waxing and to prevent ingrown hairs. Watch the soap create more foam that you have ever seen

DRAWSTRING DESIGN - It keeps any small pieces safely tucked inside and also allows for easy hanging on a tap of the hook. 

ECONOMICAL - We all love to save money and with this handy little soap saver you can do just that by not wasting any of the end pieces from your soap bars. 

NATURAL MATERIAL - Sisal is a natural, non-toxic fibre, a great exfoliator. 

INSTRUCTIONS - Hang to air dry, no need to rinse out all of the suds. They will revive next time you wet the bag. You can pop it into the washing machine occasionally should you wash or hand wash and leave in the sun to air dry.